Do I need to be online to do this study?

No. You can download the pack of materials in Word and work through them at your own pace and in your own time.

How much time do I need to do this study?

You can take this at your own pace. You might like to do it in one sitting, or to spread the activities out. There are ten steps in total, so if you do one a day it will take ten days. You can take longer if you wish. You may want to take some time thinking of your eight pieces: if so, note them down separately and come back to the start of the study when you have all eight and are ready to proceed.

What happens if I lose an email?

Don’t worry. We will email you with a confirmation message and a personalised link to the next step after you complete each of the ten steps. These emails will be sent from If you accidentally lose one of these just contact me and I can retrieve the personalised link.

Do I need to record the music?

No. You will just tell us your choices and what you have listened to for each step of the study. Please give us plenty of detail (e.g. include YouTube links, recording details, identify specific favourite places in the music).

What happens if I don’t have a recording of the music or I can’t listen to it?

Try to find a version if possible – Google may be able to help. You can imagine the music in your head if you are not able to listen.

Can I change my mind about the music?

Yes. We ask you to identify eight pieces at the start, but as you go along if you realise you missed something important or you want to swap this is fine. Just confirm the details of the track you eventually do choose at the appropriate moment.

Do I need to take the music in the order I told you at the start?

No. You can choose whichever track you like at a given moment. Just confirm the details of the track you eventually do choose at the appropriate moment.

Can anyone do this study?

We are looking for people from all round the world who are aged over 18 for the research, so that they have different points in their life to look back on. However, if you are younger and you want to do this please feel free to use the materials. We will not be able to use your data for analysis, but you may find it a fun activity.

The study is currently available in English, and an Italian version is coming very soon. If you would like other language versions, let us know.

Can I do this study with someone else?

No. The main focus of the study is your own personal musical memories. The email links we send you are personalised, using the email address you give us at the start. You may wish to share your results and thoughts on this with other family or friends once you have finished.

If you have enjoyed this study and want to share it with others, please refer them to the main project website so they can begin their own musical life story. You can share information on Twitter with the link below or using #DIYDesertIslandDiscs.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please contact me. Thank you!